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Suitable for Awnings, Canopies, Parasols & Banners

Printing & Branding for Profitable Business Advertising

Awnings, canopies and window blinds are on trend and can be a low cost, high return form of outdoor signage and advertising. Where ever you look there are awnings being used as signs, they are industries foremost way of promoting their corporate identity. Sunshade awnings have been around since Victorian times, and look to be here for some time to come. Printing or branding images and lettering onto awnings in the past required screen printing or even a highly skilled hand painter, but today this can be achieved via additional alternative printing processes; applied cut films, vinyl and digital printing processes that are all typically used to apply imagery and text to awning fabric.

Bespoke Customisation of Fabrics, wide colour range

Customising awnings with a unique design to create an individual identity is big business right now. With hundreds of base fabric colour to choose from, a creative printing company that can emblason a cover with almost any design, to creating an individual look, is relatively straight forward.

Fabrics and waterproof coatings

There are 5 different types of fabrics at all have different breathability, resistance to UV light, mould and mildew. Pairing the right material with the right printing process is essential for a high quality re-production. These are: vinyl laminated, vinyl coated, arylic coated, solution-dyed, painted

Production Methods

Direct Digital Full Colour Printing

Is in its infancy, and much research and development is currently take place around the World. Certain awning fabrics which are currently on the market can be printed directly on a roll to roll printer. A unique bond between solvent inks and some fabric coatings allow permanent images and text can be directly printed to a roll of fabric.

UV curable and Latex inks have not performed as they were expected to several years ago.

Hand Painting or Sign Writing

Originally the most economical way of branding awnings. Traditionally a highly skilled artist would directly paint the design onto the fabric. When a multicoloured design is required it is recommended that the paint is air brushed on, which help to achieve blending and shading. Normally an outline or mask is applied, before the entire awning is spray or hand painted in one, or more colours. This production method is consistent and gives a smooth finish.

Low Temperature Heat-seal Printing

Plotter cutters can be loaded with pre-produced single solid colour or digitally printed low application temperature film. Multicolour designs can either be built up or full colour printed with several layers of transfers being applied. This modern process allows one off print runs the exact colour match to be re-produced weeks, months and even years apart. In addition multiple locations can apply the graphics with peace at mind that the colours from each site will be an exact match no matter who, where or with what equipment it has been used.

A UV resistant spray can applied after print production, and on site as a top up.

Screen Printing

Intricate graphics of almost any detail can be accurately reproduced onto the product via the use of screens produced specifically for the application. Ink is evenly squeezed over the surface of the printing screen and “printed” onto the face of the product. Due to the high cost of creating the screen, screen-printing is best suited to large volume print runs or where a specialty inks are involved. This method is excellent for ensure a consistent quality in multiple applications in a consecutive run.

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